Morris County Real Estate Attorney
Morris County Real Estate Attorney
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We represent clients in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions.  For most people, a purchase or sale of a home or commercial building is likely to be the single biggest financial transaction of their lifetime. It can be one of the most stressful projects a buyer or seller can undertake, and the right attorney can make it alot less stressful.  We have been handling personal and commercial real estate transactions for a combined 80 years.  
We are a complete commercial and residential real estate law firm serving individuals and business property owners throughout northern New Jersey.  We serve clients in matters involving real estate closings, title searches, lease agreements, and real estate litigation. If you need experienced, efficient and cost-effective representation in a residential or commercial real estate, contact us.

Residential Real Estate Process:

Once an owner decides to sell a property, the property is listed with a real estate agent. After the property is listed, a buyer will make a formal offer that is secured by a deposit given to the real estate agent. If the owner accepts the offer, a contract is prepared by the real estate agent which is subject to a three-day attorney review period during which time either the buyer’s attorney or seller’s attorney can disapprove the contract and terminate it or begin to negotiate changes to it.  Once the changes to the contract are successfully negotiated or the three days pass without the contract being disapproved, the contract becomes binding.

We also assist you with the mortgage and financial document review, ordering the home inspection and title work, and assuring your closing takes place on time and as planned.  Obtaining an attorney as early in the process as possible will make the entire process efficient and successful.  

Commercial Real Estate Transactions:

Our commercial real estate services include:

Commercial loans, purchase and sales agreements 
Commercial Lease Agreement
Eviction law 
Property rights 
Partnership and shareholder agreements 
Land use and zoning 
Condominium Conversion 

Commercial leases are often complex documents which set forth the rights and obligations of two commercial entities with respect to a piece of property. Therefore, it is essential that the document be prepared by an experienced commercial real estate attorney  to protect your rights. We are  experienced in the review and preparation of commercial leases in both residential and commercial properties. 

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Morris County Real Estate Attorney
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