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At Barbarula Law, we take pride in being personal injury attorneys working for those who have been injured. We aggressively prosecute many different types of personal injury cases, including automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & fall, workers’ compensation claims, construction accidents and even wrongful death cases. 

Our attorneys have extensive experience with jury verdicts and insurance settlements for personal injury claims.  One example would be any type of automobile accident. As the number of cars and motorcycles on the road increase, automobile accidents are among the most frequently prosecuted cases (including wrongful death cases) for our office. We believe that if you were injured due to the negligence of another driver, you deserve good legal representation.  Our auto accident attorneys prosecute large or small auto accident cases with the same vigorous approach to get you the best settlement.  If you were injured in an auto accident our auto accident attorneys can help you collect compensation for your injuries and accident-related expenses. 

When you've been in an auto accident, whether you were the driver or a passenger, it is a very traumatic experience and will leave you overwhelmed as you try to navigate through all the complexities associated with medical bills, getting your car repaired and whether the insurance company will pay for it, etc. If you were a victim of an auto accident, you should contact us so we can help you recover money to pay for your accident related bills and also get you compensated for your pain and suffering.  

When selecting an attorney to handle your auto accident lawsuit, it is extremely important that you retain an attorney that has extensive experience in this field as it could mean thousand of dollars in your pocket, or you could get no settlement at all if the case is not handled correctly.  

We have extensive experience in dealing with auto accident lawsuits and getting top dollar in settlements for our clients. 

As an accident victim, it is important for you to act in a timely manner by seeking counsel from one of our auto accident attorneys. If you need an experienced auto accident attorney, contact us for a free consultation at or 973-492-1190.  

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